Clean Room Monitor (CRM11)

Product Details

Dedicated MicroController for Clean Room Monitors. Compatible to Dynamic Pass Box, LAF and Garment Cubicle.

Key Features
  • On-the-fly Program Selection between DPB, LAF and GC
  • Inbuilt Buzzer / Beeper for Alarm indication
  • UV Lamp Output with Life Cycle Monitoring
  • Speed Control Outputs for Blowers
  • 2 Lines x 16 Character LCD Display
  • Dedicated Keyboard for Operator Interface

PLC Core Facts

  • Relay Outputs
    4 (230V, 2A)
    Change-Over Contact Type Relay Output for
    ★ Supply Blower
    ★ Exhaust Blower
    ★ White Light
    ★ UV Light
  • Digital Outputs
    4 (Hooter and other optional devices)
  • PWM Outputs
    2 PWm Outputs for
    ★ Exhaust Blower Speed Control
    ★ Supply Blower Speed Control
  • Analog Inputs
    2 (0-10 V) for
    ★ Velocity Sensor
    ★ Pressure Sensor
  • Sensor Input
    1 - UV Sensor Input
  • Digital Inputs
    6 (NPN or Contact)
  • Power Input
    12V DC

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