Micro ARM

Compact yet Modular Card Rack PLC

Product Details

Integrated Modules for PET, BLOW and INJECTION Moulding Machines. The Micro ARM PLC offers you terrific value and features.

Key Features
  • Power of State of the Art ARM Processors
  • Packaged under the tritek Micro Platform
  • Compact yet Modular Card Cage Design
  • Interface for Touch Screen HMIs
  • USB, Serial and Ethernet Connectivity

PLC Core Facts

  • Digital Inputs
    16 to 128 (NPN or PNP or Contact)
  • Digital Outputs
    16 to 128 (24V DC 1.5A, Fuse Protected)
  • Thermocouple IP
    12 ( J Type, Ungrounded )
  • Analog Inputs
    6 (4 LinPot and 2 Transducers)
  • Analog Outputs
    6 (0-10 V or -10 to +10V)
  • Amplifier Circuit
    Inbuilt 4 Channel for Pressure and Flow
  • Programme Update
    USB Pen Drive
  • Power Input
    24V DC
  • Size
    19 Inch 4U CardRack with 200mm Depth

HMI : 7" or 10" Touch Screen

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