H Series

Modular Expandable PLC

Product Details

Complete hardware for Standard Moulding Machine : Injection or Blow. The H Series PLCs offer you terrific value and features. Based on latest 32 Bit ARM Microcontroller, it offers extremely high reliability.

Key Features
  • Very Powerful Multi Processor System in Modular Expandable Form
  • Powered by ARM Cortex - M3 Processor
  • Separate Analog Processor with 2 16 Bit ADCs
  • Dedicated Temperature Sensing Processor
  • Fully Programmable DAC Card with Proportional Amplifier
  • All I/O (Including Analog I/O and Thermocouple) Optically Isolated from the main CPU
  • The ADCs can provide 16 Bit Reading of all the 6 Channels with 1 Millisecond
  • All Digital Outputs are fully protected with Fuse Fail Indication
  • USB, Serial, Ethernet and Mobile Interfaces are available for easy communication
  • Main CPU can interface with 1 Servo Drive directly.

PLC Core Facts

  • Digital Inputs
    16 to 128 (NPN or PNP or Contact)
  • Digital Outputs
    16 to 128 (24V DC 1.5A, Fuse Protected)
  • Thermocouple IP
    12 ( J Type, Ungrounded )
  • Analog Inputs
    6 (4 LinPot and 2 Transducers)
  • Analog Outputs
    6 (0-10 V or -10 to +10V)
  • Amplifier Circuit
    Inbuilt 4 Channel for Pressure and Flow
  • Programme Update
    USB Pen Drive
  • Power Input
    24V DC
  • Size
    19 Inch 4U CardRack with 200mm Depth

HMI : 7" or 10" Touch Screen

TMC for Blow Moulding Machines

Key Features
  • Machine Control PLC, integrated with 128 Points Parison Programmer
  • 7" or 10" Colour Touch Screen HMI
  • Dedicated Keyboard for Single Station, Double Station and Accumulator type Machines
  • Easy graphical setting of the Parison Thickness Profile
  • Dynamic Online Actual Parison Performance Graph
  • Easy Online I/O Status monitoring
  • Multilevel Password Protection

Interested in using H Series PLC for your next Machine?