Known for Customer Centric Approach

Industrial IoT

  • Controllers Connected to Internet
  • Reduce setup time by GSM connectivity
  • Use Ethernet Connectivity for faster access
  • Factory floor access from office using Modbus

Retrofit Expert

  • Trusted Brand by Reputed Machinery Manufacturers
  • Popular for retro-fit on old machines of Windsor, Kautex, Bakum, Nigata, Dr. Boy etc.
  • Retro-fitted for Sintex, Mipak, Elcom, Trim India, Ranee Polymers etc…

Custom Controller

  • Reduce Costs using our Custom Made Controllers
  • Single Hardware for your Multiple Machines
  • MicroControllers with your Own Branding Possible

Highlights of Tritek

Highly Reliable Proven System

Indigenous technology with full backup makes our systems ideal for Indian Environment.

Complete Control System

We provide complete control system from single source. This includes Proportional Valve amplifiers.

Free Software Upgradation

Flexible Software. Assurance of free software development and upgradation.

Easy Onsite Diagnostics

All Tritek PLCs and Controllers have Test mode. These test programs make onsite diagnostics faster and simpler.


All our new Controllers come with a default one year warranty.

Fast Turnaround

We are known for our service. Still provide Service and Support to ALL our old systems.

Trusted Across Industries