Micro Series

Great Versatility at Micro Cost

Product Details

Great Versatility at Micro Cost. This is a highly popular series of Tritek. Extensively used by many OEMs.

Key Features
  • Multilayer technology for CPU Cards
  • Compact yet Modular Card Rack design
  • 3 different user interfaces. (12 Line LCD, 4 Line LCD or LED Display).
  • Mould memory of 20 to 50 moulds
  • Parameter storage in EEPROM. (Permanent Memory. Not dependant on Battery)

PLC Core Facts

  • Digital Inputs
    16 (NPN or Contact)
  • Digital Outputs
    16 to 32 (24V DC 1.5A)
  • Thermocouple IP
    6 ( J Type, Ungrounded )
  • Analog Outputs
    2 to 4 (0-10 V)
  • Amplifier Circuit for Pressure and Flow
    4 Channels can be connected externally
  • Power Input
    230V ±10% AC
  • Size
    19 Inch 4U CardRack with 200mm Depth
  • Maximum Ambient

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